Fuki Commune [Fuki Fes. Vol.2] – Live Report


Fuki Commune
Shinjuku ReNY, November 13, 2016

Vocalist Fuki (Light Bringer, Unlucky Morpheus, DOLL$BOXX) performed her 2nd concert in support of her solo project, Fuki Commune, at ReNY on November 13th. This 2nd live was scheduled due to the success of the 1st live held in July which was a sell out. The show kicked off with the high speed rocker “I’ll Never Let You Down!”. This choice for the opening song was definitely appropriate because for the next 2+ hours of the live, Fuki and her band delivered an amazing, loud, high energy performance that captivated the audience.

Fuki followed up the opener with a few more songs from her Welcome! album including the single “Welcome To The Shining Night!”. Then the first special guest of the night made an appearance.

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Gacharic Spin 7th Anniversary Final at Tokyo Dome City Hall – Live Report


Gacharic Spin
Tokyo Dome City Hall, November 12, 2016

Gacharic Spin held their annual one man live final before a packed crowd at Tokyo Dome City Hall this year. This would be my third time seeing Gacharic Spin perform live, however the prior times were at music festivals, where only abbreviated sets were played. My third time would finally be a full concert — not just a full concert, but their annual final. I knew I was in for a special night.

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LiSA takes a BRiGHT FLiGHT to Mexico City – Live Report


LiSA returned to Mexico City, this time fully amped and fully backed by her band, Ramens, for a live performance held on September 10th at El Plaza Condesa. In the spring of 2015, LiSA  performed an acoustic set in Mexico City. In contrast this performance is best described as “Rock-MODE”.

In front of roughly 1500 attendees LiSA played a 2 hour set featuring material spanning across her 5 year solo career along with some songs from Angel Beats!  The crowd was extremely enthusiastic from the start of the show and remained that way through the end.  Before LiSA took the stage chants of “Ole, ole, ole, ole, LiSA, LiSA” echoed through the venue. This happened frequently between songs throughout the concert.

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